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Welcome to  Turnstile Installation

Turnstile Installation started May 1989 - our first project was for Moore Business Forms, Mundeline, IL. We installed a High Security, Full-Height Tandem Turnstile in the Main Warehouse Entrance. We installed EntraPASS - well, WinPASS DOS ... and CCTV in the Warehouse, and Soundmasking in the main office ( ).

We guarantee that when you do business with us, we will treat your project with the utmost care - you will have the absolute best Turnstile Security System - Period !

Patrick McAllister

President, Engineering

Exelon Corporation

Exelon Corporation contacted us for Customized Turnstiles.  We modified our LS100S-SS Waist High Turnstiles to be a self-contained turnstile with a bar code access RS232 - to - Weigand Scanner and to work with Special Edition Access Control Software.  We have fans on each side of the turnstile that monitor the interior temperature and display the temperature on the fan blade.  We installed our KT-100 Card Access Controller, and additional items.  Take a look at the following pictures, and call or email if you need Customized Turnstiles.