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Patrick and Jesse first met as teenagers at Colfax Music in Denver, Colorado, sharing a passion for loud music and playing guitar. Little did they know what successes they would find together over the years. One of the most notable jobs together was back in the 80’s installing the Interim Sound System for Mile High Stadium (home of the Denver Broncos – it was INTENSE!). Patrick founded AVLELEC, specializing in sound equipment and sound masking security systems before establishing TURNSTILES.us in May of 1989. Meanwhile, Jesse honed his skills as a craftsman, focusing on turnstile installation and later the manufacturing of his own product line, leading him to found Outlaw Industries.


Recognizing the synergy between their expertise, they aimed to offer a more comprehensive turnstile service to their clients including USA-made hardware, software, design, documentation, programming, and installation. TURNSTILES.us quickly gained a reputation for delivering high-quality turnstile systems that were tailored to their client’s specific needs. Their personalized and flexible approach allowed them to compete with larger companies in the industry.


Throughout the past 30 years, TURNSTILES.us and Outlaw owe their current success to the contributions of many individuals. Jesse’s son, Jesse James Moses Jr., has been an instrumental partner to his father on projects since the beginning, and now actively participates in design, manufacturing, and Outlaw’s company operations. Patrick’s sons, Joshua, and Caleb McAllister, lend their programming skills and assist in installations. Carter J Carter expertly creates detailed drawings and schematics, ensuring accuracy and precision. Wanita Savage, the VP of Operations, oversees sales, purchase orders, freight tracking, and administration.   Elise Nielsen and Amanda Price excel in sales development, product specification, and client communication. Ruth Israel creates graphics including 3D concept renderings and maintains the prominent online presence of TURNSTILES.us. In addition to the dedicated team members and family members, TURNSTILES.us and Outlaw are grateful for the collaboration of their valued partners, who have been integral to their continued growth.


TURNSTILES.us and Outlaw Industries are now leading forces in the turnstile industry, with a group of skilled professionals who share their vision and values. They have earned a reputation for delivering beautifully made turnstile systems that are secure, reliable, and easy to use, and have worked on projects in prestigious places across various commercial sectors. Patrick and Jesse credit their long-standing friendship and complimentary skillsets as key factors in their achievements, along with their ability to adapt to changing market conditions and to continuously innovate and improve their turnstile systems.


Through it all, they have remained close friends and have watched each other’s families grow and flourish alongside their businesses. They are proud to have built successful independent businesses in the access control turnstile industry while maintaining the strong bond that began when they were teenagers. TURNSTILES.us and Outlaw Industries are grateful for the unwavering support and contributions of all affiliates, team members, family members, and partners who have played a part in their shared success.

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Kim and Jesse Moses understand the importance of staying connected to the kids who have been in their care and their extended families…. As foster and adoptive parents, Kim and Jesse have a large extended family and they always have the welcome mat out at their ranch in Calhan, Colorado.

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