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 246 42 1Facility Management Systems - (Including Accessories and Repair Parts. Computerized Systems for Surveillance, Monitoring, Controlling, Signaling and Reporting Multiple Functions. Security Functions (i.e., access control, fire detection, intrusion, etc.)
 246 35 1Access Control Systems, Door entry control by card access, magnetic proximity - including but not limited to Biometric
 246 36Locking Devices - including padlocks and electronic locks not covered by SIN 246-35

VisionAccess Admin Manager

Standalone Operation or Integrate with an Existing System. Provides the capability to easily add 3D facial biometrics with an existing access control system. With VisionAccess Admin Manager, organizations with an existing access control system in place can add 3D biometric capabilities without performing any modifications to the existing system.

With Admin Manager this can be accomplished with a simple Wiegand interface between 3D Face Readers and the existing access control panels. There is also an XML interface layer at the application level if a greater level of integration in desired for the system administrators.


Essential Administrator Capabilities

  • Enroll and manage users in the system for biometric and card access in a single system.
  • See real-time online status of all reader and door locations.
  • Event Log for Time and Attendance applications.
  • Interface with the VisionAccess 3D EnrolCam Station for capturing the initial 3D images for template creation.
  • Template management and distribution to the VisionAccess 3D Face Readers for verification and identification at control points such as entrance locations, doors, turnstiles etc.
  • Several optional levels of integration with access control systems.
  • The application manages all of the biometric data while the existing access system continues to manage access schedules and profiles.

Flexible and Efficient Management Software

  • VisionAccess Admin Manager an easy-to-learn, simple-to-use application with a flexible user interface that’s configurable for each user’s needs and duties.
  • Whether controlling physical access through a single door or providing high security to one hundred doors VisionAccess Admin Manager can save money and time.
  • Its open, modular, industry-standard, and flexible features provides complete control with unlimited options. 

Door To Desktop

  • Supported platform for using 3D templates for both physical and logical access.
  • Common and familiar user experience for access to a building or computer.


Admin Manager can operate in a stand alone mode, however a significant befit of the solution is the integration capabilities. The system has currently been evaluated and tested for use with the following 3rd party systems.

  • Lenel (Certified OOAP partner) Synchronized with Lenel DB.
  • GE Access Control (Tested with Door Controller Hardware)
  • Hirsch Electronics(Tested with door controllers and readers)
  • IBA "integrated business application" by Data Pulse Est
  • Northern (Tested with Door Controller Hardware)
  • Kantech (Tested with Door Controller Hardware)
  • PSX (Tested with Door Controller Hardware)
  • CardKey (Tested with Door Controller Hardware)
  • Keyscan (Tested with Door Controller Hardware)
  • Fastcom Integrated with an Anit-tailgating solution
  • DSX (Tested with Door Controller Hardware)
  • Quintron (Tested with Door Controller Hardware)


The Power of 3D Facial Recognition


The richness of extracted facial measurements and data points can distinguish between identical twins. Settings permit extremely low False Rejection Rates (FRR), with the False Acceptance Rate (FAR) set close to zero (10-5), proving Bioscrypt VisionAccess technology is the industry leader in processing and accuracy.


Proprietary 3D bio-algorithms perform real-time video face capture, and calculation at rates exceeding 30 frames per second with processing speeds of 10-12 full capturing-matching cycles per second.

Lighting Flexibility

Using near-infrared range and direct ground-based measurements available from 3D images, our solutions are tolerant to ambient light conditions, independent from background color, facial make-up, and accessories. The system can even identify users in complete darkness.

Invariance to Angles

Real-time video feed adds to the richness of 3D parameters, performing recognition with full head motion of up to 30’ degrees each direction allowing for flexibility is user positioning.


The solution is capable of producing high performance results in real life environments, typically all that is needed is a glance in the direction of the reader anywhere from 3-6 feet away.

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