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When a Card Holder presents a valid badge, they can walk through.

If someone tailgates them, the main office door will not unlock
(until the Tailgate Violation is re-set)

Our Client would like us to modify their entryway using our

CPW-322AG - Swing Gate Turnstiles

EntrySentry - Anti-Tailgate / Door Inhibitor System

This project allowed us to take photos but do not want their name
used for commercial reasons **

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Miami, Florida

From Concept to Reality
Day 1
Progress Photos - Day 1 and 2
Progress Photos - Day 2 and 3
Finished Product

Optical Turnstiles with Anti-Tailgated Detection / Lock Inhibit

Established May, 1989

Engineer: Patrick McAllister

AutoCAD Engineering: Carter J. Carter
Administrative Assistant: Wanita Savage

Installation Team
Jesse James Moses Sr.
Jesse James Moses Jr.


Turn-Key - Design Build Project

EntraPASS Access Control

Speedstile Optical Turnstiles

Call Patrick McAllister @ 303 670 1099 * email: Patrick.McAllister@TURNSTILES.us
U.S. Federal Government Contractor # GS-07F-9239S