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Our Client would like us to modify their entryway using a set of Used Opticals from


** This project allowed us to take photos but do not want their name used for commercial reasons **

You can see the progress of our work

Dallas, Texas

Start Date: 02-17-17 - End Date: 02-24-17

From Concept to Reality
8-Days On-Site / 2-Days Travel
The Top Row of Photos show the finished installation
Scroll down to see Construction Progress Pics

Construction Progress Pics
Installers = Jesse James Moses Sr & Jesse James Moses Jr

Calhan CO to Dallas TX
remove the existing aluminum glass framing remove the fake wall (on left) Jesse James Moses Sr. contemplating!

Jesse James Moses Sr & Jesse James Moses Jr
enclosing the area for dust

contractor plastic the entire area contractor plastic on the right
extended wall on left

entire work area is plastic barrier
from work area

remove tile flooring and trench for Turnstiles 110v and low-voltage pipe up into plenum stub up for Turnstile control concrete patch
existing glass wall removed new wall on left new wall on right glass partition relocated
new wall on left with relocated glass partion new wall on right with relocated glass partion installed glass in relocated partition installed new tile over conduit and enlarged entrance
installed new carpet tiles matched tile floor to carpet tiles getting there ! Jesse showing how we plastic off the area
Texture and Paint on Right Wall Texture and Paint on Left Wall Texture and Paint on Ceiling Partition

Automatic bidirectional security entrance lane with one extension,
equipped with retractable tempered glass obstacles

Overall Dimensions
(Length x Width x Height) :
64 ¼ x 19 ¼ x 38 ¼ to 67 in.
(1635 x 485 x 1000 to 1700 mm)
Lane Width : 36 in. (915 mm) – large passageway

Throughput : Maximum of 60 people/minute, depending on the access control system

Opening / closing speed : From 0,7 to 0,8 seconds (programmable)

Level of Security : High

MCBF (Mean Cycle Before Failure) : 5,000,000 (2)
Certification : UL 325
Adapted to the reduced-mobility : Yes
Operating Temperature : 32° F to ± 122° F (-0° C to ± 50° C)
Cabinet : Stainless steel, No. 4 brush finish
Obstacles : Clear tempered glass, ½ in. (12 mm)

Operating Modes : 
Entry : Free, controlled, locked
Exit : Free, controlled, locked
Fail safe (opens on power failure)

Control : Compatible with all access control systems

Scope of Work:

Turnstiles will remove your existing tile flooring and
dispose in owner-provided dumpster

Turnstiles will place your Turnstiles in the location
as shown on the signed AutoCAD Drawing

We will trench the flooring and place conduit in the
trench for your Electrician and Low Voltage Contractors

We will wire the cabinet controllers from the Main Cabinet to the Slave Cabinet

We will replace the Tile Flooring with Tile provided by
Client (should be on-site from the previous install)

We will build a partition wall at the Turnstiles with Aluminum Framing
provided by Client (this should be on site as well, from the previous install)

We will measure for Glass and provide your Glass Contractor
the dimensions of the new Glass for them to install

We will relocate your existing aluminum, glass and door
as shown on the signed AutoCAD Drawing

We will build new walls; frame, drywall, mud, tape and paint

We will install new Carpet Tiles
Carpet Tiles and adhesive to be provided by Client

We will test the system to show operability

Used Automatic Systems Optical Turnstile http://usedturnstiles.com/Previously_Sold_Used_Turnstiles.htm Used Automatic Systems Optical Turnstile
New Tile Floor Programming the Turnstiles Project is almost complete Cleaning the Turnstiles
Finished View from Inside New Wall & New Turnstiles Jesse James Moses Sr Completed Project

Hello Patrick!

The turnstiles are beautiful…and they work !

the Moses are on their way back to Colorado…. And I miss them already !

Unfortunately the Alarm folks never showed up to hook up
the fire alarm into the system so for now I have to leave the turnstile open

The glass guys are coming with the tempered glass
and the film  sometime in the next two weeks

Thank you again for taking such good care of us .

Have a great weekend



Installation Team
Jesse James Moses Sr.
Jesse James Moses Jr.

Engineer: Patrick McAllister
AutoCAD Engineering: Carter J. Carter
Administrative Assistant: Wanita Savage

Turn-Key - Design Build Project
EntraPASS Access Control
Speedstile Optical Turnstiles

Call Patrick McAllister @ 303 670 1099 * email: Patrick.McAllister@TURNSTILES.us
U.S. Federal Government Contractor # GS-07F-9239S