Detroit Manufacturing Systems (DMS) develops state of the art automotive interior systems.
Utilizing the latest technology they assemble and manufacture injection molded interior trim components
for global automotive brands with a commitment to quality and efficiency.

"DMS is driven by our core values of investing in our people and building our community."

Detroit Manufacturing Systems Turnstile Entry with EntraPASS Access Control and Fargo Photo-ID Badging
Main Employee Entrance North Dock Entrance Employee Entrance #2 Employee Entrance #3
December 20, 2014

Detroit Manufacturing Systems contacted us May 1, 2014

They were interested in purchasing Turnstiles with
EntraPASS Access Controls
for their manufacturing facility

They sent us photos and on May 23 we sent them
AutoCAD 2d and 3d drawings
(see above)

By June 4 the design was complete

July 17th we received DMS's P.O.

Equipment deliver took between 2 and 7 weeks

We started installation the day after Thanksgiving
(well, we flew out the day after Thanksgiving (Friday) and
were on-site Saturday

We are extreemly Honored to have been chosen by Detroit Manufacturing Systems to provide Turnstiles with EntraPASS

They are an amazing company, headed by Ms. Andra Rush

Andra Rush talks about her night in Washington as a guest of First Lady Michelle Obama for the State of the Union Address.

We will update this page to show our work in progress
and share our Timeline to Completion


Installation Progress Photos
Week # 1

North Dock
Week # 2
12-07-14 through 12-13-14
Employee Entrance #2
Week # 2 - Continued
Main Employee Entrance
EntraPASS Wiring

Project Completed 12-20-14

Our timeline was based on TURNSTILES manning the project with 3 men, and DMS would provide 2 men.

DMS could not provide the 2 men as they had a large project that needed to get out

Based on 5 men working this project, our Timeline Schedule had this project complete on 12-17-14

We completed the project on 12-20-14 with 3 men

***** And, when you are in Detroit - here's a great place to eat ***** - High Security Turnstiles - Award-Winning Access Control

Securing the U.S.A. and the Globe

established May, 1989
GSA No. GS-07F-9239S

Tel: 303 670 1099

We will post progress photos daily

to show how we match our estimated time-line

and to show the quality of workmanship

you get when you hire

MARCH 2016
March 2016
DMS contracted with us to install additional
Access Control inside their buildings

(5) EntraPASS KT-1 Door Access Kits
(3) EntraPASS KT-1 Fence Gate Kits
in their Existing Facility


(3) EntraPASS KT-1 Door Access Kits
in Building H, a New Office Facility

Cheyenne & Alexis met up with us at Starbucks
to drive Caleb & Jesse to the Airport as this is a 21 day installation
Jesse James Moses Jr flew out the next day
Cheyenne & Alexis Moses Caleb McAllister, Jesse, Cheyenne & Alexis Moses
HID Proximity Reader at Trucker Gate #1 GL-1 Gate Lock System Trucker Gate #2
Upstairs Conference Room Door Upstairs Offices Gate Automatic Closure Trucker Entrance Video Intercom
Trucker Gate #3 KT-1 Trucker Gate Access Control Boards Trucker Gate Push-to-Exit

Thank you to everyone in Michigan!

Jesse James Moses Sr celebrated his 51st Bday
while working

Caleb McAllister celbrated his 19th Bday
while working

They had their Bday Dinner at Logans and said it was AWESOME

Heritage Bakery delivered a DOUBLE CHOCOLATE
Cream-Filled Cake to them for their Bday's

Jesse said Claytons Kitchen has great tasting lunch
and the people are so nice

Jesse James Moses Jr inspecting a KT-1 Jesse Sr & Caleb eating Bday Cake Bday Dinner @ Logans
Comfort Inn Utica Michigan Logans Roadhouse
Comfort Inn, Livonia, MI Logans Roadhouse, Livonia, MI Claytons Kitchen, Redford, MI Heritage Bakery, Livonia, MI