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Coin Operated Turnstiles
People crossing the border from the Mexican State, Tamaulipas will go through our custom-manufactured coin-operated, motorized turnstiles

We designed a custom coin box

that will work with our

MPP 222 - IP 44

Motorized Turnstile

This is our prototype

we shipped this to

The City of Laredo

for testing - if they like it

we will produce an array

to replace their biometric


Design Process
Our Design Includes a Coin Comparitor/Acceptor, (2) Red "X" / Green Arrown LED Lights / a Resettable Counter / Programmable Keys
These Turnstiles will be replaced with our Coin Operated, Motorized Turnstiles

Made In The USA

Established May, 1989

Engineer: Patrick McAllister
AutoCAD Engineering: Carter J. Carter
Administrative Assistant: Wanita Savage
Contract Administration: Ellen Stoddard Keyes

Installation Team
Jesse James Moses Sr.
Jesse James Moses Jr.
Caleb J. McAllister


Turn-Key - Design Build Project

Controlled Access Turnstiles

EntraPASS Access Control

Call Patrick McAllister @ 303 670 1099 * email: Patrick.McAllister@TURNSTILES.us
U.S. Federal Government Contractor # GS-07F-9239S